Virtual Team Management

Aim of the training

The aim of the training is to allow participants to learn about the characteristics of virtual teams, what difficulties, how to deal with them if you are a member of a virtual team or you are in control. We also focus on trust and control as well as various communication platforms.

Target group

We recommend our program to anyone who wants to contribute to the improvement, survival, development of the work, performance and/or spirit of their virtual team. Leaders who from now on need to work in home-office on managing and developing their team, or for employees who want to expand their virtual collaboration skills. For companies that plan to implement work from home, where home office is already part of the corporate culture, but they consider it necessary to train employees in order to increase the efficiency of a home-based working team.


Hungarian, English, French

The structure of the training

      • 3x3 hour online group training
      • Exercises and downloadable eLearning content on our LMS platform

Ask offer

Iván Münnich
+36 20 213 0630


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