Individual and Group Coaching

For us, coaching is a process, where we support our clients through dialogues. We do not work with advice or instructions.

The goal of our methodology we represent is to support people in their development journey, so they can unfold their potentials hidden from them. We also assist them to bravely change their routine behaviours, and adopt new ones.

Our purpose is that our clients reach their maximum, that they overcome their obstacles and they become capable of preserving the unfolding changes for themselves, for their teams, organisational units and for the whole of the organisation.

According to our business and development philosophy, coaching is the highest form of support a company can give to its employees. The focus is always on the tailor-made development of a given leader or team so that they can successfully complete the tasks related to their role and position. Should the clients be efficient in this change process and become successful, it not only guarantees their personal development, but the efficiency of the organisation as a whole.

Managers, colleagues and teams will become proud of having a coach, and they will bravely change old routines and replace them with new and more efficient solutions, and will also make sure these changes are as permanent as possible.

In the course of a group coaching process, we work with cases brought by participants. These are real-life challenges, obstacles, problems to be solved. The focus is always on the colleague bringing the case to coaching, and the group environment provides questions, feedback. One of the advantages of group coaching is that the person bringing an important issue to coaching can rely not only on the support of the coach, but the whole of the team present in the coaching process. It can also be more cost effective in case more leaders or colleagues should have a coaching process, yet there is a lack of time or money resource to implement it on an individual basis.

The credibility of our coaches come from either the fact of their massive experience, or from the fact of years as top management leaders, and also don’t forget the colourful variation of their methodologies being used in coaching.

We are not committed to any specific methodology. We integrate methods. Our approach is always defined by the purpose of a coaching process, as well as by the needs of the coachee.


  • Group coaching programme of team leaders at the shared service of a telecommunication company.
  • Group coaching programme of Head of Department of IT at an insurance company.
  • Individual coaching programme of middle and top management in an industrial company with German background.
  • Individual coaching of middle and top management at an international credit institution.



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