How to teach online?

Aim of the training

The aim of the training is for the participants to get to know the specifics of online education, to get acquainted with tools that can make an online training more colorful. In the training, we place great emphasis on what little things need to be paid attention to in connection with online training and how we can bridge the lack of personal presence.

Target group

We recommend our programme to those wishing to expand their knowledge and skill-base in this period. Our programme is suitable for leaders, in-house trainers, professional mentors who aspire to teach and develop their teams in a home office environment. It’s also a great help in new joiner inductions and new joiner trainings too. We are also aiming this programme to companies that have a standby mode at the moment, or whose employees work home office in the majority of the cases.


Hungarian, English

The structure of the training

      • 3x4 hour online group training
      • Exercises and downloadable eLearning content on our LMS platform
      • Individual consultation

Ask offer

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Soft Skills Development

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