Change Management

CHANGE MANAGEMENT BASED ON AIM™ - Accelerating Implementation Methodology

Our development programme is mainly for organisations:
  • that are planning to launch critical changes very soon
  • that had multiple unsuccessful attempts in the past in launching new systems, technologies or company culture, and are willing to change this to success

It can be useful for anyone in any role or position in a company who works in big volume, complex projects and wishes to improve his change manager role.


The methodology of our training is using the main guidelines of Accelerating Implementation Methodology™ (AIM), developed by Implementation Management Associates (www.imaworldwide.com).
Accelerating Implementation Methodology™ programme is a change management methodology that takes into consideration practical aspects and business interests at the same time. It can be applied in volume and complexity specific transformation changes or projects.
While the programme is a flexible one, it also focuses on business interests through a strict change management methodology that supports organisation change management. It also incorporates transformation change handling and maximum return of investment (ROI) reach.
Accelerating Implementation Methodology™ programme methodology works with the same discipline in reaching human goals as well as business and technical goals.


The organisation learns about the objective setting method that focuses on the business, technical and human factors of change. KPIs, budget and deadlines are aligned with the objectives set, hence making sure the goals are met stringently. 
To create great foundations for objectives, we put great emphasis on data driven tools, and on the tailor-made usage of them. Thus, participants can learn to reveal their true and underlying needs throughout the process.
The organisation gets familiar with the psychology, and understands the challenges they are facing in their daily lives.
Throughout the programme, we put great emphasis on the communication of changes towards the employees of the organisation. The methodologies and equipment, success and failure factors are tailor-made according to the organisation’s special needs.
There is going to be a learning curve how to pitch ideas to top management leadership, and how they are going to be able to accomplish their concepts afterwards.
Participants become capable of managing their own change projects completely independently. Right at ‘project planning’ phase, participants create a detailed implementation strategy and action plan.
Participants have a bit more of self-esteem, thus enhancing their commitment and trust towards the change projects.


Concerning the methodologies, we use in our programme: change implementation history assessment, organisational stress assessment, workshops and change pro trainings.



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