Siemens PSE - ~100 participants, software engineers' assertive communication training

Generali Zrt. IT Igazgatóság

Leadership culture and soft-skills developing programme for the full management (25 people on 3 leadership level). Training and team coaching


Valeo, R&D hardware developement, 25 participants

Teambuilding and co-operation developing programme

Magyar Telekom

Practical task and project management trainings since 2014, over 100 attendants

Project culture simulation

Change management


Accelerated Implementation Methodology training

Telenor Magyarország

Professiona Talent Programme, self-recognition part


Lean management pilot programme with 50 leaders and lean/six sigma projects


Developing and executing a company specific lean simulation game


Organizational developement

Kész Holding

Project management trainings, organizational developement


Lean trainings

Porsche Hungária

Customer service developement programme


Leadership and sales trainings


Training of inner trainers and coaches


Professional Talent Programme for 80 participants, project and change management, assertivity and stress managemet, negotiation techniques

Project management, standardized PM methodology trainings for 200 participants

Tigáz DSO

Leadership and organizational culture developing team coaching programme (60 participants, 2 years)

Leadership Career Programme (20 participants, 1 year)

Zalavíz Zrt.

Operational quick diagnose

Generali Zrt

Leadership programmes, Leadership and self-recognition

Sales from customer service


Leadership Academy Programme since 2013, over 200 participants - Problem solving and decision making, prezentation and leading conferences


Coaching for top level leaders, lean trainings and project


Lean management training for the top leadership and engineers, lean office training for the administrative workers, lean basics training for blue-collar workers, delivery time efficiency developement, cutting down conversion time, 5S developement


Onsite developement programme, lean trainings, lean  leadership developement, efficiency developement projects

MÁV Gépészet

Lean trainings and efficiency developement projects

Agrikon KAM

Lean trainings, leadership developement, efficiency developement project


Lean training, efficiency developement projects, quick diagnose on production efficiency developement


Factory material flow developement


Hankook, Leadership Development Programme - full management (4 levels since 2011)

FAG Debrecen

Full management, 4 levels since 2008

Lean leadership, selecting and training team leaders and inner trainers (PATE), coaching for leaders

ZF Lenksysteme

Project management and meister trainings

Delphi Thermal

Leadership developement, project management, lean since 2006


Bosch Automotive Steering, Meister training, project management since 2011


Project management training


Lean developements, leadership developement, operational efficiency developement


Lean trainings, project management trainings, energy efficiency training

Flextronix - Zalaegerszeg, Sárvár

Training for direct production managers, intercultural adaptation for industry engineers

Schneider Electric

Change management, time management

KuKa Robotix - Füzesgyarmat

Leadership Career Programme for production leaders


Introducing lean, leadership developement, project management since 2006.


Lean trainings for the full organization, 21 training groups a day (11 groups simultaniously)


Speeding up cleaning processes, quick diagnose, lean trainings, efficency developement projects, leadership developement


Lean trainings, leadership developement


5S trainings, Efficiency developement survey


Operational efficiency developement, quick diagnose, lean trainings


Lean trainings, Value Stream Mapping, project management trainings


Project management

BT (British Telecommunications)

Costumer focused communication training, over 100 participants, Task & project management, over 100 participants, coaching, Agile for leaders, Negotiation, Adaptivity, Self-awareness, Home office management, Leadership development, Virtual team management, Change management, Prezentation techniques, Motivation and burnout.

ESAB - Budapest

Costumer focused communication training, over 50 participants, team coaching for the management, office lean basics


Group coaching for ISD Teamleaders

Focus Consulting

Faciliting organizational strategy developement


Faciliting the shaping of organizational strategy

Energia klub

Developing energy efficiency training, train the trainer programme

Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Iparkamara

Professional days (in lean and leadership development)

FAG Magyarország Ipari Kft.

Leadeship trainings, communication and co-operation trainings

Graboplast Padlógyártó Zrt.

Salesmanship and negotiation techniques trainings

HAJDU Hajdúsági Ipari Kft.

Lean trainings

Hankook Tire Magyarország Kft.

Negotiation techniques trainings, Six Sigma trainings

Hi-Lex Hungary Kft.

Lean basics trainings, leadership trainings

KUKA Robotics Hungária Ipari Kft.

Lean management trainings, creativity development trainings

LEGO Manufacturing Kft.

Everiday energy consumption trainings

Linamar Hungary Zrt.

Assertive communication trainings

Magyar Posta Zrt.

Lean basics trainings

MAPI Magyar Fejlesztési Iroda Zrt.

Negotiation techniques, project management, project consulting

Merkbau Építőipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Leadeshiip Career Program

Phoenix Légrugó Technológia Kft.

Energy efficiency and lean trainings

Tondach Magyarország Zrt.

Stress management, negotiation techniques, assertivity and personal efficiency trainings

Villeroy & Boch Magyarország Kft.

Lean trainings


Capacity survey

ASS Makó

Lean trainings, quick diagnose

Euro Elzett

Lean developement, operational efficiency developement


Lead-time reduction, quality developement, lean trainings

Partner In Pet Food

Process developement, operational efficiency developement, organizational developement


Lean trainings, Operational Efficiency projects


Lean leadership developement, Quick diagnose of logistics, Developing project management handbook and standards for product transfer projects, Project Management trainings, Business Impact Management System consulting, Time Management trainings

Hajdú Zrt.

Lean and project management trainings


Lean trainings

Case studies

Operational efficiency development with a metal industry production company employing ~150 people

STARTING POINT; CLIENT NEEDS : The CEO and production leader of a West-Hungarian production company participated at one of our open-call, 5-day Lean Manager training. At the end of the training they committed to seek our help from time-to-time should they need assistance in developments. The Hungarian plant was a pioneer since Lean management principles were not used in the entirety of the group.


Supporting Lean with a multinational car industry production company with ~120 employees

STARTING POINT; CLIENT NEEDS : A Budapest-based production company wanted a local partner helping them build their Lean introduction concept. The main selection criteria by the CEO and the production leader were the following: trainer and consultant background were essential for them, since both types of activities were in need the consultant to be Budapest-based so that even a half-day cooperation could become economically feasible


Introduction of Lean in Car Industry Supplier Environment

STARTING POINT; CLIENT NEEDS : Car industry has always been a pioneering efficient plant management. It is not a coincidence that Lean Management has also started from car industry. Top management of one of the car industry supplier companies of East-Hungary, employing ~500 employees, started to hear more and more about Lean. While visiting other plants, they were also discovering different and more efficient solutions coming from Lean Management. They decided to get to know more of this philosophy, methodology and tools…


Supporting Cost Reduction Projects with a Food Industry Multinational

STARTING POINT; CLIENT NEEDS : Nowadays, there are not many industries where top management is not focusing on cost reduction targets in their production processes. This was the exact case with our meat processing clients employing ~2000 people. The first and mid-management of the company, including: plant, maintenance, MEO, shift leaders and group leaders were directly supporting production. They have already participated at a leadership development programme where they already got acquainted with hard and soft skills elements necessary for handling leadership challenges. Besides the classic leadership trainings, they’ve participated at Lean management trainings too. The production director was expecting to see the rise of cost reduction projects, where leaders would start up and follow through cost reductions on their respective areas. Since this was not happening, the director asked us to support these people with launching real development projects that would finally become auto-running in the mid-and long-term.


Process Development Through LEAN in Finance Environment – Case Study

Should a service be substandard, it does not necessarily show right away, or at all. If the competition is not tight, the damages caused might not be considerable. Because of these circumstances, providers do not build an adequate measurement system to ensure quality of their service. Unfortunately, this was the case for a long time in the financial services sector too. Policies and obligations embedded in law guides banks on how to handle complaining clients. Thanks to these balances, this is working great. Is it possible to work faster than given deadline, is it possible to work cheaper and yet still be abiding the law? Through the application of Lean approach, it is highly possible, and we’ll show how with this case study.


Car Industry Enterprise: Establishment of Internal Leadership Academy

Goal: Establishment of a Leadership Academy, where all leaders will participate at. It is a 3-year long programme where leadership skills and competences will be challenges and developed . CIRCUMSTANCES :


How Trainers Should Adapt to Generation Changes

While the training market is not that stirred yet, other industries are highly challenged by the different consumption, information management and lifestyle choices of Generation X, Y, and Z. Loads of articles and conferences try to figure out and handle these visibly different approaches. Most probably trainers working in all sectors were confronted with these challenges, yet there is no overall, coherent and homogenous approach to handling such generational questions in training contexts.




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