Strategy and Implementation


It is vital for enterprises nowadays to not only introduce their strategies and developments rapidly, but to also be able to keep them up sustainably.

Sämling Solution Consulting always provides comprehensive solutions. On the one hand, we have our consulting line of business with its wide range of experiences, on the other hand, we have our soft skills development business supporting companies with their steady and successful change management processes.

Our team provides support in strategy building, acceleration and sustainability topics, Lean culture introduction and maintenance, project management culture introduction, sales strategy introduction and HR system developments.


We put great emphasis on systems and processes points of you. It greatly determines our way of working. We firmly believe that the most important condition for change to happen is to articulate the need for change in the given person, group where change should happen. For this to happen, we always build our programmes so that their professional knowledge, competences and attitudes are also impacted.

Coming from our process driven approach, we work with the following phases:

 1. Preparation

  • Coordination with the customer initiating the development programme.
  • Depending on the nature of the programme, we make interviews with the leaders and or participants of our programmes so that we can assess their needs and competences before training.
  • Customization and finalizing the content of the programme, so that it matches the needs of the organisation.

2. Implementation

3. Follow-up, further implementation

  • Follow-up work helps greatly in the adaptation process: the knowledge learnt during the development programmes become integrated to the organisation with the help of leaders. The methodology of the follow-up process is briefed to the leaders beforehand.
  • Evaluation of the programme with representatives of the organisation, drafting of further development ideas.


  • Process quick diagnosis (exploring the weak points of critical processes)
  • Organisational obstacle factors survey - if there is only a vague knowing of what is the matter, but we’d love to see clearly where intervention is needed
  • 360° leadership evaluation survey - the most important feedback for leaders, online, available in multiple languages, self-developed and validated survey that is not licenced
  • Change introduction prep survey - If you would like to know clearly what are the obstacles of change
  • Organisation stress survey - If you are interested in knowing what is the level of stress and what is the source of it among your employees


  • New leadership culture introduction
  • Cohesion forming in management
  • Speeding up of quality management system introduction
  • Project management handbook writing and implementation
  • Lean culture introduction (methodological incubation, culture development)
  • Lean culture sustainability
  • Change management acceleration (VIR, LEAN, organisational culture change)
  • Project management culture introduction
  • Introduction of sales strategy
  • Strategic consulting, life cycle consulting
  • HR system development, introduction of performance management systems, BSC
  • Internal consultant training



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