Quick Diagnosis

We’ve built our diagnosis programme for the clarification between business units working in a long-term cooperation. The programme also supports the exploration of reserves in the areas of operational efficiency development. Our ‘Quick Diagnosis’ provides great help in settling development priorities. Our specialists can screen the full scope of the company’s way of working, and in the following 4-5 days, these findings are transformed into development projects with the management of the company. The quick diagnosis consists of the analysis of management interviews, field walks and data. The organisation has to be available during this time, hence a minimum effort is needed to start this journey. It will not affect the normal daily routines at all.

Our consultants are specialists in their fields, who have already generated millions of forints in savings for our clients. We offer a flexible success-fee based approach, that very well reflects our confidence. This confidence is based on our experience of many decades, the high ROI of our developments, and on the favourable value of money. In any of our offers, we trust our clients in their decisions, since our remuneration will be based on client satisfaction completely.


  • 4-5-day quick diagnosis summed up with a presentation to the management
  • Preparation of common development strategy plan and project planning, 4-5 days
  • Kick-starting projects in the first 1-2 months, 3-4 consultation days
  • Support for introduction, 1-2 days per month, consultation or project management in 1-2 days


  • Phase 1: A minimum 20-30-page long analysis on the company’s development potential, and a rough action plan along the lines of main priorities
  • Phase 2: ranking of potential development projects, a detailed project planning for the top 3-5 projects
  • Phase 3-4: action plans, completed development projects

Phase I.

  • 4-5-day availability for interviews, site visits and data provision
  • 1,5-hour ‘Potential Profile’ presentation for management
  • 1 750 000 Ft + VAT consultant remuneration

Phase II.

  • Participation at a 4-5-day workshop: in the presence of management and key people of the organisation we are setting priorities and building strategic action plans
  • 1 500 000 Ft + VAT consultant remuneration

Phase III-IV.

  • Availability of project teams for the tasks to be handled in the projects
  • Remuneration of the day based on our agreement


  • 50% lead time decrease of the full plant
  • 40% efficiency increase
  • From 64% to 98% increase in on-time delivery
  • 70% inventory reduction
  • Preparation of action plan for cost reduction with a 40% variable
  • More than 10 million HUF waste and scrap reduction in a year
  • 50% increase in staff efficiency



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