Business Impact Management

We trifle a lot of energy, attention and time with activities that should be done differently in the organisation.

There are loads of reports done in excess, we flood the businesses with measures, we reckon our colleagues for millions of things. This cleavage and weaken our attention span, and those focus areas that create value and we are really paid for to do, well they do not get the attention and focus required.

With business impact management, the company can define what is expected of the employee in the given role, what are the value adds they are being paid for, which KPIs can they influence, and which are the ones out of their scope.

Thanks to business impact management, problem solving gathers speed, knowledge sharing is gaining space within the company, time management will become a more conscious thing, and the goals will be achieved with greater efficiency.

Our cooperating partner is Judit Farkas, the developer of the method.




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