Operational efficiency development with a metal industry production company employing ~150 people


The CEO and production leader of a West-Hungarian production company participated at one of our open-call, 5-day Lean Manager training. At the end of the training they committed to seek our help from time-to-time should they need assistance in developments. The Hungarian plant was a pioneer since Lean management principles were not used in the entirety of the group.

Forms of Cooperation:

As our first step, we had a sponsorshop with the leaders: on the one hand we described the concepts of Lean; on the other hand, we also discussed the important focus areas where their support will be essential.
Introduction of 5S step-by-step, plant-by-plant. Monthly, 1 day focusing on 1 area, 4 times in a row.
  • 1st occasion: Selection – removal of unnecessary things in the complete plant
  • 2nd occasion: Organisation – planning of targeted reservoirs, action list, prioritizing
  • 3rd occasion: Cleaning – cleaning of the complete plant, planning the elimination of contamination sources, cleaning plan
  • 4th occasion: planning of controls, creation of audit survey, running trial audit
KPI-based development for 1-2 days via a consultation:
The possible increase of KPIs cautiously monitored by the European management could lead to business successes as well as acknowledgement within the group.
  • „rezsi” idők elemzésével meghatározott fejlesztési területek:
    • reduction of working-time used for inventory
    • reduction of switchover-time for cutting machines via SMED technic.
  • development of information flow from order intake (with special requirements) to the closure of the invoicing process after delivery. Complete process mapping through exploiting development possibilities as well as defining action points
  • full cycle-time reduction in case of catalogue item production. Order confirmations sometimes took 3-4 months to deliver, that often resulted in losing future businesses. Throughout the full process mapping procedure – procurement, subcontractor processes, cycle times, internal design and production processes – the necessary development areas were identified. These changes could make sure to create a 6-week delivery for customers. An acceptable lead-time on the market.