Organisation Development (OD) Course


Are the following stamements True for you?

  • would like to grow in your change management role, and in your internal or external consultant role,
  • would like to understand the most outstanding methodologies of the past decades in terms of process, organisation and skill development, so that you can make well-informed decisions on their usage,
  • would like to learn from Hungary’s leading enterprise offering the most complex approach in the fields of process, organisation and skills development using not only local but international know-how as well,
  • would like to know which fields to invest resources in so that the maximum impact is reached,
  • you already see the change you want to achieve, yet you are looking for the best methodology to use,
  • would like to spend the development budget in a useful manner,

If these statements are valid for you, then Improvers Group’s Organisation Development (OD) course is perfect for you!

A niche course for people working with organisations either as internal employees or external consultant leading organisation development processes.

We merged the knowledge and experience of Sämling Solution, FranklinCovey and our guest lecturers so that our participants learn all about handling soft and hard component developments in an organisation.

The course is organised by Sämling Solution Consulting Kft. present in the profession for 25 years now, in partnership with FranklinCovey known worldwide as the biggest training company in the world.

We would like to convey mentality and a certain approach to our participants. Our intention is to imprint this approach: a successful organisation development programme needs thorough preparation, needs strong and clear commitment from the management’s side; it also needs an integrated application of hard and soft methodologies based on every specific situation, and finally there must be a disciplined implementation. These elements all serve a long-lasting and stable growth and change in the organisation.


- after first needs being formulated, our participants will learn to explore the true underlying needs in an organisation,

- they will learn to examine evidences of problems, and the business impact they have in financial terms,

- they will understand how to engage top management in supporting their development concepts,

- according to the development needs, our participants will learn to establish the proper development processes (diagnosis – intervention – implementation),

- our participants will become capable of managing their organisation development projects on their own,

- they will learn to use soft and hard methodologies based on specific situations,

- during project planning phase, they will work out their implementation strategy and action plans,

- they will get hands on experience, helping them build their engagement and trust in organisation development projects.


  • get to know the foundations of organisation development; they get to know a new methodology in each module, while implementing the important triangle of diagnosis – intervention – implementation,
  • reflect on the most frequently recurring development needs, the toolkit supporting alternative solutions, and on the methodologies used throughout development projects,
  • try the new methodologies right away: besides case studies and practices, participants will lead their own pilot programmes, and it will form one of the components of their final exam at the end of the course,
  • request additional consultation occasion and mentoring to successfully complete their pilot projects.

The length of the course is 12 days, in a bi-monthly frequency – 9 months in total.


  • human resources professionals - generalists and specialists alike - wishing to have an active role in development processes,
  • professional and project leads wishing to understand the nature of change, implementation, and supporting toolkit better,
  • CEOs and business owners wishing to have a better understanding of the nature of their organisation,
  • organisation development consultants, trainers and coaches.

The Training Modules:

Module 1: Organisation development basics, awareness as a consultant (2 day)
Module 2: Approaches in an organisation, business model based consulting (1 day)
Module 3: Guide our internal partners to success: assessment of needs, diagnosis, contracting (1 day)
Module 4: Strategic planning and implementation (2 days)
Module 5: Build your own OD toolkit! (1 day)
Module 6: Formation and maintenance of project culture (1 day)
Module 7: Development of areas and teams (2 days)
Module 8: Operational efficiency development (1 day)
Module 9: Integral approach to change, integration of soft and hard components (2 days)
Module 10: Exam (1 day)


László Bölcsföldi - Franklin Covey Magyarország
MáriaBudainé Kiss - Sämling Solution Consulting Kft.
István Dorka - Sämling Solution Consulting Kft.
István Ecsédi - Improvers Group
Violetta Gerencsér - Franklin Covey Magyarország
András Koncz - Neosys Kft. 
Csilla Magyar - Sämling Solution Consulting Kft.
Iván Münnich - Sämling Solution Consulting Kft.
Kinga Pattermann - Sämling Solution Consulting Kft.
Mariann Pádár - Sämling Solution Consulting Kft.

Certificate: Organisational Development (OD) consultant

Certificate is presented both in English and Hungarian!

Main References: OTP Bank, Kaposvári Egyetem, INVITEL, Stadler, LISS, Vidanet, XoMox.


For further information please contact:

Zaharula MANISZ

Sales and Open-call Trainings

Training Organiser, Client Partner


+36 30 476 3748



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