Supporting Lean with a multinational car industry production company with ~120 employees


A Budapest-based production company wanted a local partner helping them build their Lean introduction concept.
The main selection criteria by the CEO and the production leader were the following:
  • trainer and consultant background were essential for them, since both types of activities were in need
  • the consultant to be Budapest-based so that even a half-day cooperation could become economically feasible

Our Development Concept:

Requirements for us to deliver:
  • Establishment of internal Lean knowledge:
    • Training all members of the leadership and engineer group on Lean approach and tools in 5 days. Further support on Lean projects in another 5 days.
    • Training of blue-collar workers in groups of 15 participants in 2-day trainings on Lean approach
  • Supporting CEO and European leaders’ goals through Lean projects
    • Lead time reduction on the main production line. Value stream mapping, defining development processes at a workshop.
    • Workshop on: ‘On Time Delivery’ development and consultation work follow-up.
    • 5S development through consultation occasions
    • Bottleneck process steps; introduction and development of machine utilization index; product changeover time reduction via SMED technic; supporting engineers responsible for process optimization through consultation possibilities.

Results of Our Cooperation:

  • On time delivery increased from ~60% to ~100% within ~6 months
  • Lead time on the core production line reduced to 1 day from 6-10 days. This lead to WIP and area reduction too. The production line became more flexible, hence could react to changing customer needs more easily
  • Blue collar workers became committed to supporting Lean developments with their ideas.