Lean Culture Developement

Each company can have a million process weaknesses where the following intervention types can go a long way: Lean culture development, Lean transformation, Lean introduction, sustainable Lean system build. A dozen checklists and scenarios help companies nowadays to achieve their expected targets on time. Of course, we are also using checklists, change management scripts, well-tried road map templates, we also have our own personal experiences in the industry represented in our ‘Lean House’. Nevertheless, there is more when it comes to successes.

We firmly believe that the quality, strength and frequency of impulses clearly impact the speed and success rate of change initiatives.

  • It is indispensable that the goals to be achieved are aligned with the company’s business model, it’s mission and strategy.
  • It is important that top management leaders see where their organisation is at, and where it is heading to. It is also a necessity to rethink time and again.
  • It is indispensable that systems supporting change, as well as support for gradual sponsorship are is being built.
  • Within half a year, there needs to be a team and a critical mass of employees heading the organisation in the right direction. There must be methodological knowledge and of great tangible successes.
  • And of course, plenty other tiny things that we discover with our clients on our path together.

We are happy to offer our methodological varieties, our organisation development, project and change management experiences. We have 12 years of experience, and we are happy to offer our experience and problem-solving attitude at your service. We are not only giving advices, we prefer to work together so that the wanted changes could be reached.



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